Greetings from The Haven! The summer is closing, and a new season begins. Over the past six weeks we have welcomed many guests to Cheza Shalom.

Our first guest came the end of July, a missionary ready to take off for her next overseas assignment. Two days after her departure, a family of five (Mom, Dad, and three teenagers!) came to quarantine after a year of language studies in France. Members from Southside Baptist in Suffolk, along with Abundant Hope Baptist in Gates, took excellent care of their needs.

While this family with three teens enjoyed two weeks of rest at The Haven, Bob and I took off for Texas to visit our grandchildren. We delighted in the time spent with our family, as well as the opportunity to visit a couple historic sites along the way! We stopped at the Vicksburg Civil War Battlefield and then at the site of the final surrender, Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia.

Most recently we were blessed with a visit from Steven & Karen Masood (Jesus to Muslims) for two nights. Then, a young family preparing to take off for their permanent mission in the middle east with the Assemblies of God came and stayed for two days. In between these guests, we hosted a lunchtime fellowship with Dan Finfrock (Intensive Care Ministries), Eric Earhart, pastor and author of Emancipation Proclamation 2020, and John King, pastor of Calvary Chapel Elizabeth City. (Dan was conducting an Inductive Bible Study seminar and small group training at Calvary Chapel in Clayton, North Carolina, and took a day off to come over for a visit.)

What a privilege -and encouragement- to host missionaries and pastors from around the world. And how blessed we are as you continue to uphold this ministry through your prayers and gifts.

Blessed to bless, Ann