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Missionary Care Center

Meet Bob and Ann

During their recent missionary days in Kenya, Bob and Ann Tayloe little suspected that God would eventually call them to a ministry of missionary renewal. Bob is a retired officer with the U.S. Air Force. Ann has worked as a piano instructor since the age of 15, teaching students in her home for 40 years. They were married in 1969 and are blessed with four grown children and five grandchildren.

Both of them have walked with the Lord for many years—Ann since childhood, Bob since young adulthood. In 1984, then living in Florida, they joined a local church named Calvary Chapel Merritt Island (Pastor Malcolm Wild). There Bob served as an elder for 24 years while Ann led Bible studies and worked with discipleship and counseling ministries. Together, they were longtime leaders of a home fellowship group.

Called to Kenya. In 2006, the Tayloes embarked on a new adventure as they were sent out as missionaries to Nairobi, Kenya. For four years, they represented nine Calvary Chapel pastors whose radio programs aired on Biblia Husema Broadcasting Network. The programs reached a potential listening audience of seven million people and became very popular. As a result, Bob and Ann interacted extensively with listeners through phone calls, texts, and visits. In addition, Bob worked with the administration of the broadcasting network, and Ann produced and hosted radio programs and mentored the young people working at the radio station.

Battle against burnout. While serving in Kenya, Bob and Ann saw the need for a ministry of missionary care firsthand. On a trip to the Nairobi airport to pick up another missionary couple returning from the United States, the Tayloes were struck by one thing: the man and his wife were exhausted. They’d had a long support-raising furlough and 30 hours of travel behind them. Within an hour of landing, their cell phones began to ring with news of all of the problems that had arisen during their absence. Bob and Ann watched with concern as they “hit the ground running”—and utterly depleted.“Given the strife that Christianity is undergoing not only in Africa,” said Ann, “but on every continent, it isn’t surprising that thousands of missionaries and ministry leaders are tired and burned out from the burdens they bear alone. Many are leaving the ministry never to return because they are so discouraged.”

Bob and Ann encouraged the couple to stay with them for a few days to gain God’s perspective on the situation. When the couple left the Tayloe home, they were rested and refreshed—ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Ultimately this couple extended their ministry into other east African countries, which may never have happened had they not taken time out to seek the Lord and rest.

Bob and Ann asked themselves: How many more missionaries around the globe are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and in need of some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation). As they wrestled with this question, The Haven was born. More than a room for the night. The Tayloes established The Haven Missionary Care Center (a federally recognized non-profit organization) in 2011 as a ministry that blends the two passions of their hearts: hospitality, and biblical encouragement. It’s their joy to stand in the gap for God’s servants and their families so that times of refreshing can come from the hand of the Lord—one missionary at a time.